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Union Precision Industry, Inc. (UPI) uses its advanced SMT and DIP line management capabilities to the absolute advantage of its customers. As a leading provider of PCB assembly services, UPI is geared towards the market requirements of tomorrow. We can honor your requirements pertaining to PCB assembly in up to eight layers with OSP, Electroless Nickel Immersion, Gold, HASL, and other finishes.
From prototype to production, short lead times are always assured at UPI. Our PCB assembly services are sought after by enterprises worldwide.
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PCB assembly services at a glance

  • We can use conductive materials such as Gold, Tin or Bare Copper to match the requirements of your application.
  • Our SMT line has speeds of up to 0.09 second per chip for quick lead times.
  • In-line secondary operations such as SMT, DIP, BGA, and Bonding.
  • Our advanced PCB assembly equipment includes 8 fully-automated SMT lines, 2x15 two-way sitting lines, and the incorporation of Ball-Grill Array technology to name a few.
  • We can work on board sizes of up to 460mm x 330mm.
All of UPIís PCB assembly facilities are RoHS compliant, and UL approved, giving you the assurance of safety and quality. In addition to a significant technological edge, working with UPI gives you several other unique advantages that include:
  • Warm, responsive salesmanship
  • Quick quotes and competitive pricing
  • Turnkey or consignment solutions or a combination of both
  • Experienced application and design engineers
  • Environmental compliance on all products
  • Quality Assurance procedures to meet global requirements
  • Worldwide logistical support for small, medium and high-value orders
Discuss your next project with us at to see how we can offer you the best solution.
Choices of various PCB finishes: OSP, Electroless Nickel Immersion Gold, HASL, etc.
Secondary Operations
SMT, DIP, BGA, Bonding available in process
Smaller Component Size
0201 package component
Board Size
Maximum: 460mm x 330mm
No. Of Layers
Up to 8 layers
Conductivity Materials
Gold, Tin and Bare Copper
Max Speed of SMT Line
0.09 second per chip
Maximum Points per Hours
36000 pcs per SMT Line
SMT Line Production Capability
5,500,000 pcs components per day
DIP Line Production Capability
384,000 pcs components per day
De-population and Re-population
Services We Provide
Surface Mount Technology - 8 Fully automated SMT lines
Through Hole Technology - 2x15M two-way sitting Lines
Ball-Grill Array Technology
QC Process & Certifications
RoHS ready and UL approved


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Machine List - DIP  
Machine List - GP