Cable Assemblies and Wire Harness Manufacturers

UPIís Industrial Cable Assemblies for Harsh Industrial Environments

Designed with rugged and compact housing, Union Precision Industries industrial cable assemblies are built to last for excellent operational performance in harsh and critical industrial environments. Our simple to highly complicated categories of high performing cable assemblies feature extreme versatility, robust construction and environmentally sealed design. Hence, they are the best and the ideal wiring assemblies you can choose for any of your challenging outdoor and remote area location applications.

We partner with several industry-known manufacturers and provide them with robust industrial cable assemblies to complete their product development. Since our cable assemblies are unaffected by extreme temperature and harsh environmental conditions, they are largely purchased for fabricating mining, underwater drilling, road construction, agriculture, baggage handling, wind power, solar power, pneumatic and hydraulic devices and equipment.

Unparalleled Operational Excellence

No matter what kind of environment you operate in; we have the perfect, high-integrity, and durable wire assembly solutions with us. We understand the specific customer’s requirements and accordingly fabricate highly efficient and comprehensively sealed industrial cable assemblies.Also, since they are checked and inspected comprehensively at every stage of their product development, quality is assured and unbeatable.

UPI’s industrial grade cable assemblies feature:

    • High tensile strength and durability
    • Right assembly for any kind of industrial equipment
    • Abrasion resistant
    • Easy installation and maintenance
    • Waterproof and hermetically sealed
    • Stability and durability

Allow UPI to assist you better in your project endeavors. We save your money and provide you with specifically designed and precision engineered industrial wire harness at incomparable price range. We are experienced in providing customized cable assemblies as per the requirements of our customers.