To successfully source products in overseas markets, companies require experienced, practical management and resources on-site, both at the end customer and the manufacturing site in Asia. Outsourcing lets you focus your resources on the things you do best, strengthen your core competencies, and hone your competitive advantage. Union Precision Industry, Inc. provides these resources to help companies that do not have the capacity or expertise to develop and execute a comprehensive international Equivalent Component Sourcing program. We then are capable of assisting customers at every point in the supply chain:
  • Reduce and control overhead costs.
  • Redirect resources toward activities which have a greater return.
  • Avoid capital expenditures.
  • Concentrate your efforts on your core competencies.
  • Save on manpower and training costs.
  • Gain access to world class capabilities.
  • Improve your company’s flexibility.
  • Improve your company’s focus.
  • Reduce unit cost.
  • Increase production capabilities.
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