UPI Creates a Lasting Impact at the Pacific Design and Manufacturing Show

Union Precision Industry Inc. (UPI), leaders in electronic contract manufacturing were able to take their services to a wider audience. The company participated in the prestigious Pacific Design and Manufacturing Show. The event took place in Anaheim, California between February 11th and 13th 2014.

Electronic Contract Manufacturers

The Pacific Design and Manufacturing Show is one of the largest design and manufacturing events on the West Coast. Over 2,000 companies showcased their latest products, assemblies, and services this year. Conferences were also organized at the event with industry experts on innovative engineering ideas, latest manufacturing concepts, and new automation solutions.

The UPI team put up an exhibition stall, providing information on their array of products and services. The team had a number of great opportunities to talk about the company’s latest innovations while highlighting the advantages of UPI products. Visitors were impressed by the knowledge and information provided by the UPI team members, and the benefits of working with Union Precision Inc. as a global OEM partner.

Presenting UPI’s Incomparable Electronic Product Solutions

A number of guests, industry colleagues, and potential clients were keenly interested in the information shared about UPI’s products including Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assembly; cable harness assemblies, and audio devices.

  • PCBs: The UPI team provided information on the various benefits that they can offer with their in-house manufactured printed circuit boards. UPI provides Surface Mount technology (SMT) as well as Plated-Through-Hole (PTH) technology. UPI can manufacture PCBs up to 8 layers. High grade materials including immersion gold, OSP, HASL, electroless nickel, and other finishes are used to develop laminate substrates.                                                                                                                                                                                                                               PCB assembly services

  • Cable Assemblies: The most popular item at UPI’s exhibition stall was the cable assemblies. A range of types was provided by the team to showcase their benefits. UPI’s state-of-the-art manufacturing facility ensures that the cable assemblies are manufactured to the exact specifications of the client. UPI is known for providing zero defect products. Each and every product undergoes intensive testing processes before being delivered to the client.                                                                                                                                                                                  Cable Assembly Manufacturer

  • ProFire 610: UPI executives were also able to shed light on the latest audio devices they supply to industrial clients. Customers and guests were given an opportunity to get a first-hand look at the ProFire 610, a high definition audio interface device that is constructed with octane preamp technology. The ProFire 610 showcase caught the eye of many guests, who were extremely impressed by the product.

It was an exciting time for the team as they were able to create a lasting impact on potential customers and expand their clientele and engineering network. For more information Click Here…!!

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