Designing Cutting Edge Cable Assemblies for the Medical Industry

There is immense growth in new technologies being used to create medical equipment for clinics and hospitals. When you are using advanced equipment, you need the right kind of cable assemblies to support them.

Designs that will meet Industrial Needs

Standard and customized cable assemblies are designed by many manufacturing companies to meet many specific needs of the medical market including sterilization, scanning operations, and biomedical procedures. Depending on the specific application, medical cable manufacturers use a variety of solutions to create the products.

  • Biocompatibility: To ensure that the cables can work to the extent required, many companies design their assemblies with biocompatible composites. Antibacterial cable assemblies are a good example of biocompatible medical assemblies for contamination prevention.

  • Polymer Technologies: These are another great source of help when it comes to manufacturing cable assemblies. Materials such as silicon, PVC, TPE, and PU are used to manufacture cables of different types, shapes, and sizes. They can be designed to be water resistant and reduce the noise from the machine.

  • Electronic Components: Every component being used to create the product has to meet global medical standards in terms of quality. Electronic components like connectors are used to increase signal integrity and maintain the performance of the machine under constant use. Non magnetic connectors and cables are essential when it comes to scanning equipment for MRIs, CAT scans, and X-rays.

  • Prototypes and Custom Designs: The prototyping phase is essential to ensure that every component is working properly before it goes into production. Custom designs are done without compromising on the quality of the overall product. Depending on the type of application, manufacturers even provide one time use cables and reusable cables.

Benefits of Medical Cable Assemblies

There are many advantages to using medical cable assemblies.

  • They are easy to clean and maintain
  • Reusable cables can be sterilized under certain room and temperature conditions

  • Robust seals are also provided by manufacturers to protect the cable interface and reduce bacteria generation

  • They are resistant to chemical products

The growth of the medical industry requires better tier 2 and 3 products that will be able to meet changing medical equipment requirements. Using such design solutions, medical cable assembly manufacturers can always be prepared to provide world class products to hospitals and clinics around the world. For more information about Cable Assembly Click here.. 

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