Services of Electronic Contract Manufacturers

Electronic contract manufacturers are perhaps the best outside source for manufacturing services related to electronic products. They can design, test, distribute, and even repair products for large companies. Other advantages include reasonable logistics and material costs, more clear and regulations, and extremely skilled workers. It is for these reasons that US based electronic contract manufacturers are becoming popular options for OEMs as compared to outsourcing jobs to the Far East.

Now, you need a company that has a spectrum of manufacturing capabilities, adheres to all the necessary standards and certifications, as well as provide good delivery services. Union Precision Industry Inc. (UPI) can take of all these requirements and more.

A professional OEM house, Union Precision Industry Inc. is an ISO-9001 and ISO-13485 certified company specializing in services for electronic product manufacturing. The company also provides services for audio, industrial, and medical industries. UPI can take care all the required services from design to delivery. Using a Total Quality System, the company provides well designed and durable products of great quality.

A few of UPI’s contract manufacturing services include:

  • PCB Assembly: UPI utilizes its cutting edge SMT and DPI capabilities to its advantage. The SMT line can work on each chip at 0.09 seconds for quicker lead times. A variety of materials including copper, tin, and gold can be used for manufacturing. The assembly line consists of 8 automated SMT lines, 2×15 sitting lines, and bar grill technology.

  • Box Building: The Company has the capability to provide unit assemblies for thermal management and power supply. Board assemblies can be integrated into metal or plastic enclosures. UPI’s box building services are UL approved. Every UPI box is delivered with accessories, a user manual and a CD. Repair and rework services are also provided.

  • Precision Metal Stamping: As a metal stamping manufacturer, UPI can work with various metals such as brass, copper, and stainless steel. The company’s state-of the-art metal stamping facility can produce dies and stamps with precise tolerances and contours. UPI’s metal stamping services are code compliant, cost effective, and are quickly executed.

  • Cable Assemblies: UPI utilizes multi-conductor wires, fiber optics and even copper to create cable assemblies. All aspects related to the cable manufacturing process can be taken care of in-house including design, prototyping, and production. UPI can take orders for cable harness, custom cable, as well as Mil-Spec cable assemblies. For more information Click Here..

Whatever your manufacturing requirement may be, Union Precision Industry Inc. can provide products of exceptional make and quality at reasonable prices. You can also watch Union Precision Industry (UPI) Tour.

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