Providing Custom Cable Assemblies for Electronics Industries

We know that high performance cable assemblies help a wide variety of industries leverage their electrical and electronic products. That’s why we manufacturer wire and custom cable assemblies using quality materials including multi-conductor wires, copper and fiber optics.

We understand how cable assemblies are used in so many ways, including:

cable assembly services

  • Home theatres
  • Telecommunication
  • The internet
  • Computers
  • Medical devices and communication
  • Automobiles
  • Airplanes and more

We know that each of these high demand applications means you need the very best possible assemblies you can get. We are proud to provide exactly that.

We also manufacture cable harness assembly components such as:

  • Handles
  • Retention systems
  • Connectors
  • Shielding in a wide range of materials and finishes

We’ve located our cable assembly manufacturing plants in Asia and our expert and creative R & D and dedicated design facilities are also located outside the continental United States. This lets us balance quality and costs, making sure you get the best of both. Small wonder we’re a leader in wire harness and cable assemblies manufacturing.

These photos will give you an idea of how we work to give you the quality you deserve.

  • 100 Testing Before Sending Out
  • Assorted Cably Assy
  • Assorted Wire Harnesses
  • Assy House 1
  • Assy House 2
  • Automatic Crimping Machine

We are proud of our emphasis on a Total Quality System. We have certificates for ISO-9001, ISO-9002 and QS-9000. We are also conscious of environmental concerns. We meet and set standards beyond the European Union’s RoHS and WEEE. Our manufacturing facility is 100 percent RoHS compliant. What this means to you is you can be sure your cable assemblies meet every standard.

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