UPI: Striking the Right Note with USB Based High-End Microphone Manufacturing

When it comes to products such as microphones, perfecting the last, most minute detail is paramount. From crystal clear sound to seamless integration with other electronic devices, microphones need to fulfill an increasing list of criteria.

Union Precision Industry, Inc. does all this and more in its capacity as an electronics contract manufacturer. Our expertise in partnering with leading OEMs in the audio industry is proven. That’s precisely why market leaders in the microphone industry—such as Blue Microphones—choose us over our contemporaries.

We currently produce Snowflake, a USB based high-end microphone for Blue Microphones. Blue boasts a long-standing reputation in the professional audio sector, and UPI strives to uphold the same.

By drawing from our rich and collective experience in PCB assembly manufacturers, and wire harness manufacturing, and audio cable assembly, we are able to offer the very best to our clients worldwide.

Snowflake is an example of advanced audio engineering and finds applications in business as well as consumer sectors. Its uses comprise:

  • Podcasting
  • Voice recognition software
  • IChat
  • VoIP software
  • Dictation
  • Narration recording…and more

Its compatibility with Mac and PCs and ease of connection make it a much sought-after product in the market today.

Let Union Precision Industries, Inc. uses its experience in the professional audio industry to your advantage. Discuss your next product with us, and we could take it from a simple idea to a pioneering product! For more information, please visit us at www.unionprecision.com. We bring you the very best of PCB assembly services and wire harness manufacturing.

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