Bringing It All Together: Wire Harness and Cable Assembly Products for Resistance Welding Systems from UPI

New generation resistance welding systems need unprecedented technical innovation. Union Precision Industries provides wire harness and cable assembly solutions to power these metalworking workhorses.

Our cable and wire harnesses and assemblies bring consistent and uninterrupted power to various components that are housed in resistance welding systems. These components include microprocessors, transformers, head assemblies, indication mechanisms, switches, and more. Resistance welding is employed in a myriad of industrial sectors such as automotive manufacturing, industrial manufacturing, defense, aerospace, and furniture manufacturing.

A case in point of our service expertise would be UPI’s long-standing strategic partnership with a leading manufacturer and supplier of resistance welding and industrial automation. We have been fulfilling their need for highly precise and accurate cable products that conform to global industry mandates and codes.

The ability of wire harnesses and cable assemblies to facilitate the smooth performance of resistance welding machines is paramount. In keeping with these requirements, UPI took up the challenge to manufacture extremely durable and superior quality wire harnesses at a competitive price.

Highlights of UPI’s service

As resistance welding machines become more compact yet complex, our wire harness and cable assembly products need to keep abreast with this increasing inclination towards miniaturization.

Every time we are faced with a fresh and innovative challenge, we draw from our deep experience as a leading cable assembly and wire harness manufacturer. Our facility is fully RoHS compliant, and we are an UL-approved, ISO/9001 and QS 9000 certified company. Our products and solutions span all types of wires, types of connectors (male and female), shielding, handles, retention systems, and finishes.

To learn more about this specific service, please visit us at or visit the UPI website at Our teams are standing by to assist you.

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