Avail Superior Plastics Injection Molding Products and Services from UPI

Union Precision Industry, Inc. is the best leading provider of plastics injection molding services on the market. We can provide relative parts and components molded from materials such as: PC/ABS, ABS, PPO, TPE, Polyamide, Polystyrene, Polycarbonate, Polypropylene, PPS, PBT, and many more. We also have the potential to skill-design and custom-make every mold from different materials to meet our customer’s exacting specifications and the most complex industrial requirements as well.

We have a Leading Edge in Molding Solutions

We, at Union Precision Industry, Inc. are equipped with advanced technology and machinery providing 24/7 operating capabilities during service. We are also poised to provide an end-to-end solution across several different industry verticals. Whether your requirement is for a small scale plastics injection molding for wires/cables, adapters, connectors, or large scale manufacturing requirements ranging from a value of 50 tons to 350 tons vertical injectors, Union Precision delivers effective results on all time high. With our ultramodern technologies we offer you supreme textures, finishes, and engravings in our final molding products.

custom plastics injection molding

Additionally, we customarily also work with various enterprises such as automobile, electronics, aerospace, medical equipment industries, and telecommunications to provide them with high-quality plastics injection molded products and services. Thousands of worldwide enterprises and customers have benefitted from our inexplicable services and hence, we have always been extremely conscious of the fact that our company’s reputation lays in the products we manufacture.

Once you have discussed your overall production runs, budget requirements, and deadlines with us, we will take care of anything and everything from raw material, to assembly labor, to shipping and much more. Kindly visit our website www.unionprecision.com or contact us in the following ways:

Phone: 626.775.3007
Fax: 626.775.3018
Email: info@unionprecision.com

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