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Why Would You Need a Faultless Aerospace Wire Harness?

Wire harness is a critical part of aircrafts’ wiring system as it is inevitable to carry communication signals and electrical power to different parts of the aircraft. High grade and precision engineered wire harness acts as the central nervous system for the smooth operation of aircraft. An aircraft’s electrical wiring system without a proper and flawless wire harness would be difficult to service and maintain.

Union Precision Industries – Brings you High Performing Wire Harness at your Doorsteps

Union Precision Industries have gained a substantial competitive advantage and extreme industry reputation with the design and delivery of comprehensive wire harness solutions to the aerospace manufacturing industries. We deliver our potential customer with durable and dependable wire harness on time as promised at incomparable price ranges.
We guarantee:

  • Product quality
  • On-time delivery
  • Competitive pricing
  • Customer satisfaction

With state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities and advanced fabrication techniques, UPI has been manufacturing a wide assortment of simple to complex aerospace wire harness products to meet the diverse requirements of the aerospace industry.

Quality Assurance

We value our customers; hence we make sure that they are contented with the quality of products we deliver. We never ship wire harness that lacks the set requirements and quality standards. Hence, in order to ensure quality, our quality team performs a comprehensive series of tests prior to the shipment. We verify proper wire lengths, component quantities and wire IDs. Also we spend a quality time in verifying the position and quality of crimps, connectors and terminal pins. These set of comprehensive inspection and quality checking processes enable us to deliver supreme aerospace wire harness beyond our customers’ expectations.

Call us at the earliest at 626-775-3007 for stating your requirements. At Union Precision industries, quality is guaranteed as assured!